About the project

The main objective of the project is to develop universal models and methods that enable the use of semantic techniques to describe VR/AR content and services. In particular, the project targets:

  • automatic configuration of 3D scenes and interactive VR/AR applications based on semantically described distributed heterogeneous content and services, user privileges and preferences, and the context of use, which consists of such elements as location (either in the real or the virtual space), time (real or virtual) and the capabilities of access devices;
  • automatic searching of 3D content and services which – in a specific context – are available to users with specific preferences and privileges;
  • automatic generation of content exploration graphs (for content presentation) based on a semantic network of relationships among nodes representing content and services, and dynamically changing user requirements and context;
  • collaborative social creation of AR/VR content and services;
  • imposing security in distributed collaborative VR/AR environments, including such aspects as confidentiality and integrity of content, authenticity of the descriptions of interactions, and protecting user’s privacy.